At least the peanuts are in a neat pile on CTA's Red Line

Will the slob who left these peanut shells on CTA Red Line Monday please reclaim them?

Seriously folks, we all need to look in the mirror first before we
criticize the CTA for being dirty. Let’s all try a little harder to
clean up after ourselves.

Oh, and perhaps scenes like this one are what prompts the CTA to have “no eating or drinking” rules.

CTA seat peanuts.jpg


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  • Too bad the "no eating" rule is the most universally ignored one. "I'm a neat person and would never drop anything, so this rule doesn't apply to me." That's the message radiated by the thousands each day who excuse themselves from the rule so they can continue to stuff their faces always and everywhere.

  • Okay, it only takes the CTA maintenance crews a little vacuum cleaner to clean these types of messes -- how about doing something
    with all the doo-doo stains on the seats?

  • In reply to JackF66:

    How about if people don't *make* doo-doo stains on the seats?

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