Video scrapbook spotlights CTA Red Line stations

Joe Askins of real estate website YoChicago last month began a series of video posts on Red Line stops going north from Sox-35th station. He’ll be posting videos from every station through Howard Street over the next couple of months.

So far he’s made it to Monroe. Each video tells a little bit about the station and surrounding neighborhood, including the local average condo prices. They are nicely done and a good primer for both newbies and veterans.

Here’s the first video at Sox-35th. Find the others at the YoChicago channel on YouTube.


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  • Smell-O-Vision is needed to convey the full flavor of Wilson.

  • Good point. We'll have to get Mike Todd Jr. and John Waters to help on that one.

  • I've been a little lax in my editing lately, but I should have up videos through to North/Clybourn by next week.

  • In reply to josephaskins:

    Hey Joe, what about South of 35th?

  • Thanks Joe. We look forward to it.

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