Tribune red-faced over Green Line stations flub

Yes, folks, I am human. I have made my share of mistakes here over the seven years I have written CTA Tattler. You usually let me know about it, I correct them, and we move on.

And so it goes at the Tribune. They have a rigorous corrections policy. If they get something wrong, they admit it on Page 2 of the print edition and in its online edition. And so it went in today’s edition:

“A map in Monday’s main section highlighting a public transit study area on the South Side incorrectly showed a portion of the CTA Green Line and three stations no longer in use. Green Line service ends at Cottage Grove and does not extend to the Metra Electric. The stations shown at Cermak, 58th and Dorchester are no longer in service. . . . The Tribune regrets the errors.”

Oops, Yeah, sorry about that.


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  • Does the Tribune get anything right, lately?

    Of course, FoxChicago has recently stopped showing its footage of Pace buses that went out of service in 1993.

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