Problem-plagued train arrival screens now working at Fullerton, Belmont

The next-train arrival information screens at Belmont and Fullerton — inoperable for several weeks in March – are finally working for Red, Brown and Purple Line Express CTA riders.

It was a hardware problem, according to a CTA spokeswoman. “The platform displays at these two locations are
unique from other displays being tested during the pilot as they are
newer and require hardware and software modifications to work properly
with our existing communications system,” she said.

The CTA plans to expand the availability of CTA Train Tracker
information later this year at additional stations, including the 17
stations equipped with the
Titan LCD displays. “However, before we can expand the
program” the spokeswoman added, “additional testing at some locations is
needed to determine all of the technological glitches and challenges
present when dealing with multiple
types of delivery signage.”

One Far North Side alderman was considering using a portion of his ward
services “menu money” to install a much-needed Train Tracker screen at
the Howard station, but these glitches put that plan on hold.

Alderman Joe Moore (49th Ward) had planned to let voters determine in a “participatory budgeting” vote
May 7 whether to install the screen. A subcommittee of ward residents
had recommended the idea as one of about two dozen infrastructure
projects for ward resident to vote on May 7. Now it’s off the ballot.

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  • They have an existing communication system? Really?

  • I really wish they'd use those screens more intelligently. They should always show the next 6 trains (or maybe the next 6 including one of each three colors). If they want to use them for other messaging, they should still show the next 2-3 trains on top and use the other half of the space for the message.

    I find them nearly useless now because there is often a couple minute wait before it cycles back to the list of incoming trains.

  • Do they ever post delays or updates on these boards? This would seem like an ideal place to put a message for delays due to police activity, medical situations or the "derailment" last week. The garbled announcements aren't cutting it.

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