CTA excels in micro-communication at Grand-State on Red Line

I wrote Thursday about the poor communication with passengers during Tuesday’s “misrailment.” (Thank you for coining the term, TR.)

On the other side of the equation, today I report on some excellent micro-communication in one lonely sign leading to an exit-only turnstile at the Grand-State station on the Red Line. 

The sign was installed about a week ago. And remember, this is a busy station for Michigan Avenue tourists and hotels.

The sign says:

Narrow Exit. No bicycles, strollers or large suitcases. Please exit opposite end of station.

Clear. Succinct. Necessary.

Definitely necessary, and frankly it took six months before the CTA put it up, but better late than never.


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  • As was pointed out by Tambreet, yesterday, with the renovation, is the City or CTA going to install monitors that can display "Northbound trains cannot go north of Belmont?"

    Anyway, while this does have graphics, weren't we led to believe that a certain percentage of CTA riders no comprende Inglis, and another percentage don't comprehend much of anything?

  • In reply to jack:

    Good question, Jack/Tambreet. I've asked the CTA about that.

  • In reply to jack:

    man the construction @ Grand has been an eternity. i wonder how much progress has been made on the other side and when it will become more visible. the project seems to have another 9-12 months left from what i gather.

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