Guinness record? Brit rides CTA rails with eye on establishing world mark

England resident Adham Fisher will be very busy in Chicago this weekend, trying to set a record for visiting every rail station on the CTA  as quickly as possible. Well, an unsanctioned record.

Many folks have have ridden the rails to every station, including CJ, Trey, Sarah and Jason.

But Adham appears to be a guy who shoots for the records. He has made eight attempts to break the Guinness World Record for
visiting every station on the London Underground
network as quickly as

Now he’s trying to set a record on the CTA.

Adham Fisher.jpg

Adham Fisher

But it turns out it’s not so easy to establish a record for transit traversification. (Yes, I just made up that word for the sake of literary alliteration.)

Adham explains:

“I will not be submitting this to Guinness World Records, because
they only have records for the London and New York systems.
Surprisingly, they do not have one for Paris, which is by far the
largest subway in Europe in terms of the number of stations. They say
that there are far too many urban rail systems in the world for them to
consider a record for every single one, and therefore they only have the
largest and most extensive on their files, London and New York. The
Chicago network will be done purely for fun, but I will treat it as I
would a record attempt, and I will have an inaugural unofficial time for
it to share with others that do this, provided no one else has
attempted it.

“When trying to break a record of this type, photographs must be taken at
every station as much as possible. A logbook must also be kept,
detailing the arrival and departure times at and from each station, as
well as the operating number of each train. One must ask witnesses to
sign statements throughout the day, saying the participants were where
they say, and witnesses have to give contact details so Guinness can
reach them when they verify the record. Other public transport may be
taken between stations, or you can run (as long as you arrive at one and
depart from the other by train), but no private transport
(car/bike/roller skates) is allowed. And with the interchanges, you must
run if you want to break the record, because just one missed train at
any point in the day can have a knock-on effect with the rest of the
route and ultimately cost you. The only time one can take a toilet break
is when waiting for a train, and food is eaten on the move. So this
exercise is not just sitting on trains all day, admiring the view from
the surface. There is a lot of work involved.”

Guinness won’t sanction records for riding the CTA rails – yet. We need to pressure them! But of course there is a Facebook page of folks who have ridden every line, even if they haven’t stopped at every station:

Best wishes to Adham, and let’s hope Guinness will recognize the CTA ride among its records.

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