SNOMG! Two press releases reassure us CTA is prepared for blizzard

In case you were really worried, the CTA has reminded us a second time in less than a day that it is prepared for blizzard of 2011 that is currently upon us as I post this.

Here’s yesterday press release.

And here’s today’s.

They are remarkably the same, but they do actually communicate the good news that the CTA is providing rush hour service early today, and will be running trains all night to keep rails clear — even trains on the six rail lines that don’t operate overnight.

The CTA also warns that weather conditions may wreak a little havoc with the Bus and Train Tracker applications. Check the alerts section of the websitefor the latest service information.

Bottom line: Leave plenty of time to get where you’re going.

And gosh, I’m just so glad Cook County Courts decided to call me for jury duty Wednesday at 26th and Cal. Please, #60 Blue Island bus, don’t be late!

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  • Actually, a couple of months ago I was a standby juror where you call in the night before. They didn't need me then, but they do need me tomorrow. So, no calling in!

  • In reply to KevinO’Neil:

    Kevin, you should call the courthouse directly. I know that no judges are sitting for cases at Daley Center tomorrow, the same may be true at 26th and California.

  • In reply to bopo:

    Thanks bopo - I finally found a number to call on my jury summons, and just found out the courts are closed! Yay! And my office is closed too, so I will work from home.

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