No Pink Line trains between 54th/Cermak and Pulaski

Guess why! Shuttle buses are available to provide connecting service through the affected area between Pulaski and 54th/Cermak. Also, consider using the #21 Cermak as an alternate to Pink Line service between Pulaski and 54th/Cermak.


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  • Not exactly in point (since we could have figured that with 18" of snow, the surface tracks would be impassible), but Kevin Zolkiewicz, after reviewing the slow zone map, noted that there was a severe structural slow zone on the Pink Line at around Kostner.

    So, I retract my comment about nothing reported on that job. Apparently after 7 of its 80 year useful life, it already has issues.

  • In reply to jack:

    Agree with jack - would be interesting to understand the cause of that. Particularly if we're talking about building a new elevated structure.

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