New rail cars head back to the Red Line for wintry test

The new Series 5000 rail cars have now completed testing on all eight rail lines, but are moving back to the Red Line starting Monday.

“CTA is running the trains on the Red Line again because it is the rail
system’s busiest line and the agency wants to test the cars during
winter conditions under heavy ridership,” according to a CTA press release.

Read my review on the good and the bad for the prototype rail cars.

5000 series aisle crowd.jpg


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    In continuing the off-topic-ness - CTA day in 2 minutes:

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    Good stuff. The one from New York had music. Ours needs music.

  • Has there been any word on if they are going to make any changes to the cars based on feedback?

    I road in a new car once, but I think my biggest annoyance is the monochrome electronic route/line sign on the outside of the cars. It is silly for them not to be in color in 2011. At stations with both Brown and Purple lines stopping, both lines will say "LOOP" and with the monochrome sign, there is no way to easily tell which line the train is.

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    This is a major flaw that I have not heard anyone mention yet...props to you for noticing.

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    They should consider what TriMet (Portland) does on their newer Type 4 Siemens fleet. Its a colored LED block beside the monochrome display. Snazzy looking and easy to see, particularly at night. See here: ps: Bombardier type 1 to the right with a roll display.

  • That's a great point Shua. I sure hope that's one thing the CTA changes on the prototypes.

  • Yeah, I was on one of them on the Skokie Swift last week & that pole at the edge of the seat was horrible & dug into my thigh.
    The best seating arrangement to provide the most area for standees is the way the 3200s are set up.
    If they go with this idiotic & highly hated sideways seating, the complaints will be so bad, they will be forced to change to the 3200 arrangement anyway at great cost after this awful seating arrangement.

  • Scooter, how is the Series 3200 any different from the series 5000? On the 3200s - just like the 5000s - there are molded seats (instead of bench) with a pole between every two seats.

    As Ed said, we need to do away with the molded, bucket seats and have fewer poles.

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    The 3200s I've ridden have single seats facing forwards & backwards, not longitudinal seats.

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