Guardian Angels arrest: One way to stop theft on the CTA

We’ve written recently about how crime was up last year, and how the CTA has more cameras on its buses and at rail stations than the city of Chicago has across the whole town.

And now we see this video that shows Guardian Angels are still hard at work keeping the CTA safe. I’m OK with this kind of citizens arrest. But there have been other arrests by the Angels that bordered on assault. What do you think about the Guardian Angels?


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  • Knowing the wretched reputation of this group, I wouldn't be surprised if they set this entire thing up, in a bizarre attempt to redeem themselves & get some positive PR!
    I'm more scared of them when I'm on a train than of hard core gang members!
    But then, they all look like former gang members!

  • Scooter, I'm not so sure about that, especially given the video of the wimpering thugs after they were handcuffed by the GAs, while there wasn't any video of them chasing the thugs. Since all reports are that the thugs were taken away by the police, if it is a stunt, a couple of punks are still going to be inconvenienced facing the criminal justice system.

    Of course, I was a bit surprised with the GAs insistence that anyone could pull a citizen's arrest.

  • In reply to jack:

    I'm a total cynic.
    Having watched these clowns over the years, all I gotten from their behavior is that they like to block the doors, walk in groups, just like gang members.

    Here's the analogy that immediately came to mind: Al ed in Philadelphia Capone once had himself arrested, spent a year in a Philly jail so he could avoid with being charged with something worse here.
    After all, who is stupid enough to commit a crime at Addison?

    I'm wondering if these two are doing that to avoid something else?
    No better alibi than being in jail!

  • In reply to jack:

    For me the solution for Gang problems is Medium Yield Tactical Nuclear Weapons (50 to 150 Megatons) - and I am COMPLETELY S E R I O U S.

  • In reply to mikep621:

    You've got it wrong, tactical nuclear weapons are measured in the kiloton range, not megatons.
    And no one ever built a 150 megaton bomb. The largest the US built was 57 megatons, the Soviets claimed a 100 ton one, but no one knows for sure if that was real.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Thanks Scooter; does that include Strategic nukes??

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    We need more Guardian Angels riding the trains! I always feel safer when I see Guardian Angels or police on the train, but unfortunately it's extremely rare (I only saw police on the train ONCE in the past 7 years, and Guardian Angels maybe 3 times in the same amount of time). Keep up the good work!

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