CTA curbs dog trading cards; no Yellow Line service this weekend

The CTA had already put out to bid the printing of 15 K9 dog trading cards as part of its “See Something, Say Something” safety campaign. But then Fox Chicago News brought it to the attention of CTA President Richard Rodriguez, who curbed those printed doggies.

“We could have done a better job of vetting it, kind of cooking it before we put it out,” Rodriguez told Fox Chicago. “Given the condition the environment’s in right now, that the economy’s in right now (we should ask) is this something we really want to spend money on?”

The cards would have been distributed by police canine
officers as part of the CTA’s safety campaign. They were to have been paid for by Homeland Security funding.

Yellow Line service suspended.
Bus shuttle service will run in place of the Yellow Line from 11:30 pm Friday to 3:30 am Monday, due to construction of the new rail station at Oakton Street.


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  • This does sound frivolous, and I would have suggested (in line with yesterday's post) a hologram triggered when the door between cars is opened or a sensor smells smoke, with a K9 officer taking a chunk out of the miscreant.

    However, since it was Homeland Security money, does Rodriguez have a better use for it?

    Also, the quotes that Rodriguez knew that the idea was being discussed, but did not know that the request for bids had been posted, indicates that there are still governance problems at the CTA. At the moment, the RFB says that the bid opening date has been extended, but that the RFP has been canceled. If this had gone further, you bet it would have showed up on the Board's consent agenda, and they would have rubber stamped it.

  • In reply to jack:

    As usual, I left out the "not" before "RFP has been canceled."

  • In reply to jack:

    Wait a sec... when did they start working on the station at Oakton? Am I that out of touch? That's the least necessary of any project. Haven't they read this? http://www.uic.edu/cuppa/voorheesctr/Publications/Transit%20Equity%20Matters%2012.09.pdf

  • In reply to terynjay:

    What was I thinking? I wasn't. Oakton isn't part of the extension. Still, though, I don't see it as a priority (even given the study I linked to on the proposed extension). But then, I'm not in charge over at the CTA.

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