Blizzard doesn't stop CTA flasher on the Blue Line

It was Thursday after the third-largest blizzard has crippled Chicago. People were really just starting to poke their noses out of their snowed-in burrows. A woman was trying to get downtown on the Blue Line, when she encountered a flasher. Her story:

After finally getting on a train with the horrible weather conditions, I found a seat next to the aisle. I was engrossed in a suspenseful book.

About 10:30 am between Clark and Lake and Washington, I looked to my left and there was this man’s genitalia. Other passengers around him did not notice because his body was squared off toward me. I can’t remember exactly what I said initially. Probably “Oh my god.” I stood up and said I was going to report him to the CTA or a police officer. He said he didn’t do anything.

I was shocked and horrified and felt helpless. I didn’t think clearly enough to take a picture with my phone. He got off the train at Washington. I tried to flag down a few CTA workers I saw, but they ended up boarding the train I just got off. I lost the flasher but reported the incident to the station attendant.

The man was African American, tall and thin. He looked to be somewhere between 50-60 years old.

As a man, I’ve never had to deal with this. But I encourage any woman who does to report any such incidents to the police. If you can, get a cell phone photo. Women have told me that when they do confront such pigs, they usually are very sheepish and meek. So put away your fears and let’s get these guys arrested.


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  • We'll see if he flashes when it gets to -4 to -8 degrees.

    Heck, one time I hurt my feet just from them getting cold every time the car doors opened between Loyola and Garfield. That was in the days of the big greens, but the doors still open into the cars.

    Since it apparently was on the Blue Line (from the rough description of the stations; good thing that the notice of claim provision has been repealed), will there be more or fewer exhibitionists once the 406 cars with cameras arrive? Will someone at OEMC jump into action once she sees a wiener?

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