Lively CTA tweets by drivers and passengers, with lotsa dissin' goin' on

As you might expect, Twitter is nearly always bursting with folks (usually) bitching about the CTA and its shortcomings.

In the span of about an hour yesterday there were complaints about the crowded #20 Madison, a CTA fight “that lasted about 10 minutes before a tazer came out,” and of course the most common complaint about the whereabouts of the bus or train: “WHERE ARE THE RED LINE TRAINS #CTA? This is effing bullshit. Been at the Chicago/State stop for a half hour and 1 PACKED train has been here”.


One really funny tweeter is @mycommuteblows. This guy is ruthless, and he’s usually bitching about other passengers, not the CTA or drivers: “if you refuse to get up and you just shift your legs to let someone out, you should just die.”

He often tweets stuff we wish we had said: “the blind guy just had to move for the wheelchair guy…*sigh*”.


But then there are the drivers who rip on their passengers, such as: “If you woke up with only one kidney this morning, you probably sassed me last night.” That’s from @CTAEmployee. He’s not exactly the model employee with tweets like this: “Our train conductors take turns starting subway fires. Our bus drivers take turns at 102 mph.”


Another tweeter who is just about as tough as CTAEmployee but not as prolific is @CTABusDriver: “Where all my riders today? You yuppie bitches think New Years Eve is a holiday!? Ah well, “Empty Bus, No Fuss”.

(Disclaimer: We don’t know for sure whether these guys really are CTA employees, but their tweets ring true.)  

I will leave you with this classic from CTABusDriver that should make you clench your fist: “Running after the bus and banging the window just makes me hit the gas. Its either that or punch you in the face.”

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  • Doesn't sound like Twitter is accomplishing anything, which is probably usual. Of course, by that token, tweeting seems to be as effective as e-mailing CTA Customer Service.

    BTW, clicking all the links comes up with "Sorry, that page doesn

  • In reply to jack:

    All the links work for me Jack. Not sure what to tell you. I don't think you have to be a Twitter user to view Twitter pages, but maybe.

  • In reply to jack:

    Thanks for reporting this Jack.

  • In reply to jack:

    I sent an email to at 10:30pm one night last week and received a reply by 9:30am the next day. I've always gotten a prompt response from this address and they aren't form responses, which indicates that someone actually read the emails.

  • In reply to jack:

    i also enjoy : "May I have your attention: "We

  • OK, thanks glg. I did that and it appears to work.

  • In reply to KevinO’Neil:

    Woiking now.

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