CTA Red-Purple Line alternative: Modernization 3-Track

Moderization 3 Track Alternative.JPG

This alternative would provide modern amenities at stations, extend the useful life of the
system for the next 60-80 years, increase speed and reliability, and address safety and
accessibility concerns. This alternative would remove one of the four tracks in the North
Red Line corridor.

Estimated cost
$4 billion

60-80 years

Evanston Branch

Same as Modernization 4-Track Alternative in this segment for this alternative.

North Red Line

Stations would be reconstructed or renovated to meet modern standards for accessibility
and safety including modern platform widths and clear lines of sight.

This alternative
would generally stay within the existing right-of-way and would eliminate of one of the
four existing tracks between Belmont and Howard to accommodate wider platforms.
Local service would be offered in both directions at all times and express service would be offered inbound in the morning and outbound in the evening; no reverse commute express service would be provided.

Some right-of-way acquisition would be required to straighten curves that currently slow service. This alternative would replace the existing embankment structure with a modern concrete aerial structure.

The potential exists to consolidate stops, while providing additional access points; possibilities would be the same as for the Modernization 4-Track Alternative.


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  • This alternative doesn't make any sense. Has anyone thought about where all those extra trains are going to go? They have to go somewhere. It's not like they can "beam" them from the loop back to Linden after all.

  • Great question eBob. I was wondering the same thing. Maybe they plan to turn it into a Red Line in the Loop?

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