CTA prepares the rails and buses for expected blizzard

The CTA is ready. Are you?

As Chicago prepares for its first major snowstorm and blizzard in more than a decade, the CTA says it’s doing everything it can to keep trains and buses moving.

In anticipation of businesses sending workers home early on Tuesday, the CTA will provide earlier rush hour service on Tuesday afternoon. Here’s how the CTA said it is preparing for snowmageddon:

  • Its snow command team will be out in full force to make sure buses and trains can get in and out of garages and rail yards.
  • Crews will salt all CTA-owned property, including bus terminals, turnarounds, garages, and Park & Ride lots.
  • CTA trains will be equipped with plows on the first car to clear snow from rails.
  • Eight-car trains will run during the storm to keep tracks as clear as possible.
  • CTA will run special sleet trains overnight on lines that don’t operate 24 hours – the Orange, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Green and Brown lines. The goal is to keep snow from building up on tracks and to keep the third rail from icing over.
  • Crews will work in rail yards to clear switches of snow and ice buildup,
  • Rail switch heaters will be activated as necessary to reduce ice buildup.

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  • I bought cat food last night, I have plenty of my own food at home, I have books and dvds. I'm ready.

  • I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that they were not prepared. I experienced substantial delay on the NB red line coming home tuesday night due to "signal problems" from Wilson on. For all their "preparation", I rate this as "fail".

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