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The bullet train that never stops - an idea from China

Since you all just loved loved loved my video last week about the bus rapid transit system in China, I know you’ll go gaga (especially Scooter) over this concept video of the bullet train that never stops. Passengers board in a connector cabin the bullet train picks up as it sails through the station. It... Read more »

Sustainable transportation platform for mayor candidates

The Active Transportation Alliance put some good thought into a Sustainable Transportation Platform, and it’s asking all the mayoral candidates to sign on to it. And you can too right here. UPDATE: This platform was a group effort by the following organizations. My apologies for implying it was done solely by Active Transportation Alliance. Active... Read more »

Cameras capture teen violence; five arrested

Last week we reported about the CTA’s pilot project to install cameras on rail cars. And of course all buses have cameras. The following video show a violent attack on a Seattle bus. Because there were cameras, five teens were arrested and charged with assault on another pregnant teenager. It would be terrific if the... Read more »

State promises to fork over $70 million due to the CTA

I know I’ve written this story before. It’s very familiar. The state of Illinois is behind in its payments to the CTA. Illinois owes about $70 million, but the governor is promising the money will come before the end of the year. I sure hope so. Otherwise the CTA would have to amend its own... Read more »

Too bad CTA doesn't have 3,000 escalator mechanics like Moscow

A recent Washington Post story about escalators in the Moscow subway system reported that there are 643 escalators that a serviced by a staff of 3,000 mechanics. They leap into action anytime there’s a breakdown. It took the CTA several months to repair and rehab nine escalators in the Red and Blue Line subways. That... Read more »

CTA's penny ride tradition continues on New Year's Eve

It’s not too early to be thinking about your New Year’s Eve plans. In fact, at some of the more popular venues, it may be too late. Whatever you do, make sure the CTA is a part of your plans, and leave the car at home. After all, who wants to spend New Year’s Day... Read more »

Thefts on CTA still top last year's total

As 2010 winds to a close, thefts on the CTA remain a big problem. Thefts on the CTA in Chicago overall have increased 13.5% this year through November compared to the same period last year. CTA Tattler first reported this alarming trend earlier this year. Thefts on trains and buses went up 16.5% this year,... Read more »

Complaints about CTA drivers fall this year compared to 2009

Complaints about CTA operators have dropped about 16% through October of this year, compared to the same period last year. There were 701 fewer complaints so far this year. At the same time, compliments about CTA personnel have fallen by 26%, with 326 compliments handed out by customers. One black mark on service from year... Read more »

Despite the weather, CTA Holiday Train never disappoints

About 20 CTA Tattler readers laughed and sang Christmas carols on the CTA’s Holiday Train Saturday evening during our third annual outing. We renewed some old friendships and started some new ones during the fun event. We met up at Wabash Tap and then headed to the Roosevelt station to board the Holiday Train riding... Read more »

New rail, bus schedules go into effect next week

New schedules for all CTA rail lines will go into effect on Monday. And the winter bus schedule will be effective on Sunday, Dec. 19, for the routes listed on the continuation. Most of the bus routes will continue to have the same frequency and span of service, but arrival times may change up to... Read more »