News pickup: CTA wins new BRT grants; new platform wood deteriorating

Happy New Year! Here are a couple of interesting news items you might have missed over the holidays.

CTA wins new bus rapid transit funds. The CTA got another Federal Transit administration grant, this one for $1.6 million to help design a BRT route along Jeffery Boulevard from 103rd Street and Stony Island Avenue to Jefferson Street and Washington Boulevard.

Brown Line wood platforms decaying. Some platform wood at eight renovated Brown Line has deteriorated so much that it had to be replaced — at a cost of about $300,000. The CTA said preservatives added to the wood were to blame for the deterioration, the New York Times reports.
 The CTA used to use creosote to protect wood on platforms,but it was too sticky, as shown at the Sheridan Red Line stop.

Top 10 CTA stories for 2010. If you missed CTA Tattler’s report of the past year’s top stories, check them out. Also read the Year in Review.


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  • re: Brown Line platforms

    That's pathetic - I noticed about a year ago that the Sedgwick platform was decaying and couldn't figure out how it had gotten so bad so quickly (seeing as some older platforms look fine).

    It sounds like the CTA didn't even bother looking into the products they were using, since the original treatment wasn't meant as a preservative and the second treatment doesn't seem to work when applied on top of the first.

    What a stupid way to screw up an otherwise well-done project...

  • Also, the new BRT grant is for the CTA's "western corridor" (Western/Ashland), not Jeffrey. The Jeffrey grant came in the summer.

  • In reply to aaronjbrown:

    I was about to say that, and also that I had mentioned the Ashland Western one about a week ago. Also, even you said a week ago that the Downtown and Jeffery grants were made on July.

    I was going to say something about Hilkevitch, but even his article says "The Federal Transit Administration awarded the CTA $1.6 million to help design the special express-bus service along the transit agency's western corridor." Even he refers to the other grants as having been made last summer.

  • In reply to aaronjbrown:

    The Francisco stop platform has been splintering just about since it opened.

  • In reply to aaronjbrown:

    oh gross so that's what was at the Sheridan station. i live right there and i was always taking my shoes off outside lol.

  • In reply to aaronjbrown:

    Hello Kevin, I hope you (and everybody) had Happy Holidays; Welcome to 2011!

    Please follow this very interesting story closely, it will be VERY interesting to see the final outcome of this Thermonuclear War:

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