New rail, bus schedules go into effect next week

New schedules for all CTA rail lines will go into effect on Monday. And the winter bus schedule will be effective on Sunday, Dec. 19, for the routes listed on the continuation. Most of the bus routes will continue to have the same frequency and span of service, but arrival times may change up to a few minutes.

Visit the CTA website for more details.

CTA Tattler Holiday Train outing this Saturday.
And did I mention that we’re riding the CTA’s Holiday Train Saturday? If you want to meet-up with, we’re going to start at the Roosevelt station to catch the Holiday Train heading north on the Orange Line. It is scheduled to arrive at 5:55 pm. If you can’t make it to the Roosevelt station, board elsewhere on the Brown Line (it follows the Brown route when it gets to the Loop) and look for us on the first car of the train.

We’ll start the evening’s festivities with food and drink at 4:30 pm at the Wabash Tap, 1233 S. Wabash. And we’ll head to another local watering hole at the north end of the Brown Line when the ride is over. Here’s the detailed schedule.

If you can’t join us Saturday, look for photos here next week.

Here are the bus routes that will get the new winter schedule on Sunday, Dec. 19:

2 Hyde Park Express

3 King Drive

4 Cottage Grove

6 Jackson Park Express

7 Harrison

11 Lincoln/Sedgwick

12 Roosevelt

20 Madison

22 Clark

30 South Chicago

34 South Michigan

35 35th

49 Western

52 Kedzie/California

52A South Kedzie

53A South Pulaski

55 Garfield

56 Milwaukee

56A North Milwaukee

64 Foster/Canfield

65 Grand

67 67th/69th/71st

68 Northwest Highway

69 Cumberland/East River

70 Division

74 Fullerton

77 Belmont

78 Montrose

79 79th

80 Irving Park

81W West Lawrence

82 Kimball/Homan

84 Peterson

85 Central

85A North Central

86 Narragansett/Ridgeland

87 87th

88 Higgins

90 Harlem

90N North Harlem

92 Foster

93 California/Dodge

95E 93rd/95th

103 West 103rd

111 Pullman/111th/115th

112 Vincennes/111th

119 Michigan/119th

124 Navy Pier

126 Jackson

129 West Loop/South Loop

135 Clarendon/LaSalle Express

136 Sheridan/LaSalle Express

151 Sheridan

152 Addison

156 LaSalle

157 Streeterville/Taylor

192 U. of Chicago/Hospitals Express

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