Last chance today for the CTA Holiday Train

The CTA shares this video with the reminder that today is the last day to ride the popular Holiday Train. It will be on the Yellow Line; here’s the schedule.

Next week, whether you’re working or enjoying the holiday, visit CTA Tattler for a recap of CTA news and oddities from 2010.


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  • Martha will be thrilled to hear I took it from Chicago and Franklin to Belmont last night. It was a Purple Line train, so I had to get off there.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    I was on that train too, Cheryl. That thing was packed. Unfortunately my car was packed with cranky commuters who should have waited for a regular train and self-centered parents who seem to think that they and their little darlings are the only ones on the train, or perhaps the universe. I got Scrooged.

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