Earnest prayers for CTA intercessions

I have a celestial source who told me what this person was praying about on the Red Line.

Red Line prayers.jpg

She prayed that:

  • The CTA would restore all the February service cuts, including the X express buses.
  • There would be a cultural shift away from ridicule of public transportation.
  • The guy playing his ring tones across the aisle would STFU.
  • The Tattler Holiday Train outing goes swimmingly.

What other CTA intercessions would you like her to pray for? (Hat tip to Tovi the photographer.)


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  • That the girl on the Brown Line would stop putting her makeup on while on the train. If it requires a mirror, do it in the bathroom! You'll poke your eye out, kid.

  • Number 4 needs no divine intervention to ensure swimmingness. As for number 2, I'm not sure even the almighty could get the auto-centric narcissists to wise up.

  • I guess, not to offend another Chicago Now blogger, it is often said that Jesus saves and Moses invests.

    As far as your repeated #1, it doesn't appear that the savior is coming. The budget makes it fairly clear that current services levels are projected, and that no new buses are going to be purchased until it is time to replace the current Nova LFSs, and even then there isn't enough money to do that.

    Some bus drivers on other forums had put their hope on S. 3412, which was a $2 billion federal bailout for transit authorities that had to cut service. However, as the Congressional Bill Status shows, that has been stuck in committee, so I don't think it is going to pass in time to do anything for 2010. Same for the companion House Bill.

    BTW, I have heard unconfirmable rumors that CTA intends to take care of the unemployeds' "recall rights" problem by offering early retirement, notwithstanding that the deficit in the pension and health funds was one of the precipitators of the 2005-2008 so called "doomsday" crisis, and led to the imposition of the Real Estate Transfer Tax, which hasn't worked so well. As I said, I can't confirm the rumors, but stay tuned. At least they also indicate that CTA is not planning to increase service.

    If I were to get on siblingless's and your train, I guess that I would ask for divine intervention to change most riders who are the subject of the Tattler, and especially the wankers, into a pillar of salt. However, some theorize that space aliens actually nuked Sodom and Gomorrah.

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack, I am confused abour some of you references:

    If I were to get on siblingless's and your train,...

    Did siblingless post about, or claim a connection to, the train? Or are you just making the tie-in because she is openly Catholic?

    BTW, I have heard unconfirmable rumors that CTA intends to take care of the unemployeds' "recall rights" problem by offering early retirement,....

    What is the "recall rights" problem? Are you referring to the fact that not all have been recalled yet, or is there some other issue? Is it your implication that older, more senior employees will be offered early retirement to make room for laid-off employees to return? I hadn't heard that, but it's possible of course.
    Do we know many employees have been recalled?

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Yep to both.

    As to you last question, Rodriguez said in the last President's report, about 400. Other reports were about half.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Actually, this little change in riders following a recession and major cuts is unprecedented. If we had cut like this in 2005 before gas prices went crazy, the warnings of a death spiral would have come true. We've gotten away with it now because of $3.40 gas. Also, bus bunching from what I understand is down about 40 percent since bus tracker came in.

    If we follow your logic, as gas goes through $5, $6 and more per gallon, we should cut service even more. That's no fun; it would simply wreck our quality of life.

    But in the big picture of things, we're in a situation where transit needs to increase its market share if we're to have a livable and affordable city. We should go back to previous frequencies and then some. But there also needs to be accountability. No more top-in-the-industry wages, because Chicago is not a top-in-the-country cost of living kind of town. No more slovenly management that lets things slide. No more having the worst maintenance practices in the country. And let's work to bring the CTA into the modern age; el lines that actually connect with commuter rail; routes and services that reflect that not everybody works downtown; el and bus services that go faster and more reliably; and land use policies that are designed to help boost transit ridership. It isn't just Paris and London that put us to shame, it's Washington DC and the SF Bay Area as well, and that's kind of embarrassing.

  • In reply to dblissmn:

    My point was about the 2005 threats and the methodology then being foisted on the public by the CTA being b.s., although possibly only in retrospect. I make no inference about what might now have caused ridership not to fall off. Also, I don't make any assumption about $3.40 gas; through most of 2010 (up to about a month ago) it was about $2.75, which was a hell of a lot lower than the $4.69 to $4.99 in September 2008.

    Given the high unemployment level, you would have thought that ridership would be down in 2009 and 2010 just because of that. At least that's what Pace claims.

    As far as threading, click on the Reply link instead of the box that appears at the bottom.

  • In reply to dblissmn:

    She's praying that CTA would be replaced with a better service provider of public transportation that will just come all of a sudden.....

  • In reply to dblissmn:

    She's praying that CTA would be replaced with a better service provider of public transportation that will just come all of a sudden.....

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Comment was reply to jack above. Threading apparently didn't work.

  • She's probably just trying to keep people from sitting next to her.

  • The criterion, in answer to both posts, is whether the buses are packed to the gills to the extent they can't handle the passenger load. Given that most CTA buses have gps devices that record when each passenger boards and exits, all have fareboxes or card readers, and CTA publishes productivity numbers each month, one would hope that it knows where the demand is.

    Given that CTA never did much about bus bunching, I don't think its planning depends on whether one has to wait 2 or 14 minutes for a bus, even though, as you point out, someone with text or web access will know that none will be coming for 14 minutes, then three will.

    The only thing I can agree about the $2 billion is that CTA says that it didn't lose many passengers as a result of the 2010 cuts, while, in promoting the 2005-2007 Doomsdays, Carole and Frank's folk were talking about "if we cut, we lose the riders, so we lose their fares and subsidies, so we have to cut $200 million to meet a $55 million deficit." In retrospect, that was plain garbage.

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