Despite the weather, CTA Holiday Train never disappoints

About 20 CTA Tattler readers laughed and sang Christmas carols on the CTA’s Holiday Train Saturday evening during our third annual outing.

We renewed some old friendships and started some new ones during the fun event. We met up at Wabash Tap and then headed to the Roosevelt station to board the Holiday Train riding the “Brorange Line.” Almost predictably, the Holiday Train was about 15 minutes late, but no one was mad when the twinkling train cars rolled into the station.

Even Santa looked happy on his eight-car open sleigh, despite the fact that he was drenched from the steady Saturday rain. Families with kids in tow and in strollers streamed onto the train at every stop, laughing and smiling the whole time. The Tattler crew could be heard singing along to the piped in music.

Santa was very wet.JPG

Check out the photo slideshow for more photos. And click on the continuation for a little history of the Holiday Train.

One of the CTA elves told me that the Holiday Train started on the Blue Line 19 years ago when operators and other workers decorated one car on the Blue Line. Each year more cars were added with decorations. By 1997 all eight cars were decked out with holiday decorations. That’s when the Holiday Train started running on all eight rail lines.

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