CTA year in review - Q4: Bad bus accident; CTA naming rights; fewer driver complaints

Here’s the final installment of CTA Tattler’s year in review, where we check out the hot news and zaniness from the last three months of the year. On Friday, we’ll recap the top stories of the year.

October: The CTA added bus stop numbers to every bus stop sign so passengers could easily text Bus Tracker to learn when that next bus would arrive. The CTA confirmed that it would fund an environmental impact study on extending the Red Line to 130th Street. A bus accident on South Lake Shore Drive injured 30 passengers. The Apple store near North/Clybourn Red Line station, rehabbed with $4 million from Apple, officially opened. “Stroller mom” sued the CTA for $100,000. Well, duh. And some things just can’t be unheard: “I ain’t even had sex, why do my legs hurt so bad?” Finally in October, the CTA got a grant to buy two electric buses.

November: We attended a CTA budget hearing full of drama,complaints and comedy. CTA continued its work on the Loop L signal system. A request for proposals by companies interesting in all sorts of naming rights was issued. We learned that the 2011 budget showed a workforce reduction of a whopping 14% from 2009. At Thanksgiving, I noted a number of things CTA riders could be thankful for. A Fox News report noted riders were using free ride passes issued to dead seniors.

December: A woman confronted a flasher on a New York train, and got really some CTA Tattler commenters going. The CTA’s Holiday Train never disappoints, especially on a Tattler outing. There were fewer complaints about bus drivers this year. Eight groups issued key transit platforms for any future mayor of Chicago. 

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