What would encourage you to ride more? CTA wants your ideas

Just what would it take to encourage you to walk, bike or ride the CTA more often?

Why don’t you “give a minute” and tell the CTA about it? And while you’re at it, you can tweet it and post it to Facebook.

This is all part of a campaign started by CEOs for Cities to get the answers to the lead-off question here. From their blog:

Give a Minute is a new model for citizen participation. It’s an easy way
to share ideas about how to make Chicago an easier place to get around
without owning a car, connect those ideas with change-making community
leaders, and make things happen. And citizens only need one minute of
their time for this interaction.

Citizens can text their ideas to 312.380.0436 or post them to the
Give a Minute website. These ideas will guide
recommendations during the Connectivity Challenge in Chicago December
8-10. The Give a Minute for Chicago campaign was made possible through
the generous support of the Chicago Transit Authority.

I already put my idea out there: CTA customer assistants should be more outgoing, courteous and helpful.

So, what’s yours?


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  • I'd like a return to Huberman-era cleanliness. I know it had to have been expensive, but golly it was nice to ride clean equipment. The CTA has returned to its Kreusi-era rolling crapheap status.

  • 1. Get rid of the type of passengers more often portrayed in the Tattler.

    2. Adopt a fare system that is more friendly to the occasional user. Maybe the bank card one will do that trick, but that's apparently a couple of years off.

  • The CTA needs to change how the Chicago Card works, it makes ZERO sense that the cards do not hold multiple fare media. The Charlie Card in Boston can hold a 30-day and single day pass in additional to pay per use on each card. Getting transit cards is annoying at best and I would have to make multiple trips to a spot where I can get 'em with a credit card. Also, like Boston, we should be able to recharge cards at multiple locations and not be locked to via our computers. Basically start over with the CC/P!

  • As an occasional user myself, I agree with ibright05. If there was a way for me to use the Chicago Card as a 1-day or 3-day pass I would get one as soon as possible. As it is now, I usually end up buying 1-day passes at a currency exchange and invariably have to wait 20 minutes while the person in front of me tries to send money to some country I've never heard of.

  • I couldn't possibly use the CTA more than I do now, and I'm with Martha on the cleanliness issue.

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