Straddling bus in China cuts pollution, is very cool

I want to go to China to try out the new “straddling bus.’

It’s call that because it is sits high above traffic and straddles two lanes of traffic. Cars can drive underneath it.

straddling bus.jpg

It can carry up to 1,200 passengers and could replace up to 40 buses. That’s real important in China, because of the pollution problem. The New York Times reports it could potentially save the 860 tons of fuel that 40 buses would consume
annually, and prevent 2,640 tons of carbon emissions.

The video is cool, even it it’s in Chines


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  • I saw an article about this at . There are a number of criticisms listed in the comments there. Basically, any cars underneath the bus are trapped. The first time someone tries to exit an expressway or just make a turn with one of these on top and the impracticalities of this system will be instantly evident. In spite of the fact that such a system would not work in real life, I think that it is great that people are thinking about the problems of transit and getting around.

  • A gee-whiz flashback to the '50s "Popular Science" magazines just so it can be a bus rather than building a tried-and-true elevated railway. At least the excuse in the '50s was that many people were convinced trains are old-fashioned and buses are the future.

    This monstrosity clearly needs elevated stations anyhow, so why not go the extra step and have normal trains on a normal elevated track? Any street wide enough to use these behemoths is unlikely to be "cast into perpetual darkness" by a modern two-track reinforced-concrete L. I also think a train would have an easier time doing a turn than this thing, even setting aside the logistics of vehicles caught "inside" the straddle-bus when it's about to turn.

  • Chicago drivers. 'Nuff said.

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