Alderman funds new CTA heat shelters, benches in Rogers Park

CTA heat shelter.JPG

Red Line riders in Rogers Park will find more creature comforts this winter with the addition of heat shelters and benches at the Jarvis, Morse and Loyola Red Line stations.

Citizens voted earlier this year in the 49th Ward’s Participatory Budgeting process to fund the extra amenities. And Alderman Joe Moore has been working with the CTA to install them before winter hits. “People decided by their votes that these amenities were important to them,” said Alderman Moore. “It’s these little things that mean a lot.”

From the CTA’s perspective, “The
process worked very well and as a result community members are able to get the
specific improvements they want for all to benefit from on a daily basis. said CTA President Richard Rodriguez. ” The CTA very much appreciates the funding support provided to enhance its

In the Participatory Budgeting project, 49th Ward citizens voted on how to spend about $1.3 million in so-called aldermanic “menu money.”

This is a great way to get new CTA amenities without busting the CTA’s budget. Other examples can be found at the Red Line Wilson station where a $3 million rehab is being funded through the Wilson Yard TIF.


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  • Spending money on an unnecessary station such as Jarvis makes less sense than invading the Andromeda Galaxy!
    Typical of Joe Moore, who allegedly lives a couple of blocks away!
    I say allegedly, because he is believed to have moved into his new wife's home in the burbs & is just keeping his house on Fargo as a mailing address!

    And I'm sure that Kevin will say I'm wrong!

  • Ha ha! You didn't let me down Scooter. When I posted this, I thought to myself that Scooter would probably be the first to comment, no doubt some negative commentary on Alderman Joe Moore. And I was right!

    Why shouldn't Jarvis riders get heat shelters and benches? The station is there, it's not going away, so why not improve it?

    And let me assure you that Joe Moore does in fact live a few blocks away in his home. His wife's old condo, which is for sale, also is in Rogers Park, not the suburbs.

  • In reply to KevinO’Neil:

    I don't have a view about the inside politics, but Scooter may have the point that there is little economic sense in supporting a station that is 1/4 mile from a big station at Hoestf. Not that a heater would cost that much, but, getting back to the "North Red Line Vision" thing, whether the station is really needed or deserves a big investment.

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack: In this particular case, voters in the 49th ward voted to put the heat shelter and bench there.

  • In reply to KevinO’Neil:

    In this particular case, I said that the amount of money was not significant, but someone has to set economic priorities. I'm surprised that the ridership report states that there are about 1,400 average weekday boardings there, but that still pales compared to the 3,000 to 5,000 at the other stations in that area.

    If I were given a vote, I would vote that the 12,000 average weekday boardings at 95th justify the Red Line extension now. However, it appears that the politicians in that area or campaigning there (like Giannoulias, supposedly late yesterday afternoon) were advocating any such election.

    BTW, seniors, if given a chance to vote, probably would vote to support Quinn on free rides (and probably did yesterday, giving him whatever slim margin he ends at), but that also doesn't mean that it is an economic priority, or even feasible, given that he has defaulted on promised debt payments to the RTA.

  • In reply to KevinO’Neil:

    Jarvis is totally unnecessary & should disappear. It's just over a quarter mile to Howard!
    Walk a bit people!

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Maybe unnecessary from a residential transportation perspective but from a commercial development perspective its very important to the development of the area, particularly the shops and restaurants on Jarvis Square. People from outside Rogers Park will not want to take the L, then have to walk a quarter mile just to eat at a place like Grouppo d'Amici. If you want the neighborhood to improve and not deteriorate like the area north of Howard, Jarvis and the businesses nearby are an important piece of that puzzle.

  • Speaking of heat shelters, can someone tell me why the CTA spent 5 years and a gazillion dollars re-doing the Fullerton Red, Brown & Purple lines, and put in the smallest heat shelters ever ? There is one on each end of the platforms, (both north and southbound) each having 1 heat lamp, and the shelter itself can only fit a maximum of 4 people. There is more than enough open space for bigger shelters. Who's the mental giant that planned those ???

  • In reply to sophie:

    I don't know about the shelters, per se; however, much of the discussion about the dimensions of the platforms and the need to condemn property on the DePaul side had to do with mandatory clearances for wheelchairs to maneuver. That would include on platform obstructions, although you claim that there is enough open space.

  • @MK

    I think the problem was the alternative in the Governor's race. If there was a moderate, fiscally-responsible Republican candidate (e.g., Jim Edgar) in the race, I think Quinn would be gone.

    I'd guess that the results were less an endorsement of Quinn and more a rejection of Brady. Especially for Chicagoans, Brady wasn't a very appealing candidate.

  • Yes, social issues. I couldn't vote for someone who thinks the market should decide if I make as much money as the men I work with.

    That, and Brady never convinced me he had an actual plan to do something about the deficit.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    Social issues, plus as you say Brady never made a convincing case for what he's do about the deficit. And then too, when I vote, I keep one eye on what will be good for Chicago. I wouldn't look for any support for transit, or anything else benefiting the city, from a governor so beholden to the red-meat wing of the Republican Party. As AB pointed out, this isn't a Jim Edgar here, or a Judy Baar Topinka.

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