A CTA Thankgiving: What I am thankful for

Ah yes, the holidays inspire us to consider our blessings and document them in embarrassed utterances around a Thanksgiving table rimmed with little-known friends and relatives.

So let me get started a day early. And Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful for:

Update: I forgot the most important, and most obvious:

I am thankful for all my readers!

Well, that’s a start. What did I miss?

Also, look for my CTA wish list Friday. Till then, Happy Turkey Day!


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  • I'm not grateful for the lack of a fare increase.
    A fare increase might have saved all those express buses & the added buses on other routes that were cut last Feb.

    I hate the 5000 series cars! The seating was designed by CTA execs that have CTA cars to drive to work.

    I'd be grateful for service to Midway, except the station is close to a half mile from the terminal! And typical CTA stupidity put it an extra 200 feet away by putting the rail yard closer than the station!

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Geez, what a grinch!

  • In reply to Nirvana911:

    Yep, Scooter is the neighborhood grinch. Every hood needs one! Happy T-Day Scooter!

  • The City of Chicago decided where to put things,engineered and built the Orange line not CTA. Also the design was intened to extend to Ford City mall using the existing railoard right of way. This may happen as an extension project.

  • In reply to leobaz:

    Your comment is absurd!
    The CTA has final approval of the design & layout, not the city.
    And it wouldn't be a problem to just have a curve, similar to the Harrison curve to continue south to Ford City.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    The orange line along with the state subway and dearborn subway are owned by the City of Chicago not CTA. CTA operates and maintains these only. Midway terminal is on City land. Parking lots make more MONEY for the CITY then CTA trains do.

  • In reply to leobaz:

    The money the city takes in from parking has nothing to do with putting the rail yard west of the station.
    Incompetence & only incompetence is the reason.
    This was designed by people who don't take the L there.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    You are correct in the fact that the rail yard was designed by people who do not ride the L to there. That would have been inpossible for anyone to design an L to midway who rode the L to midway since it didn't exist.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Besides the Tattler, I am thankful for the signs at the Chicago/Franklin stop that tell me when the next train will be arriving.

  • In reply to leobaz:

    I'm thankful for the CTA Tattler! I'm thankful that I've been able to spend another relatively pleasant carfree year.

  • In reply to marthat3:

    Thanks Martha!

  • In reply to leobaz:

    I am thankful that there are 2 bus lines and 1 rail line that offer transportation from my home directly to the door of my workplace. In other words, depending on what time my shift starts or ends, I have multiple ways of getting to work and home again.
    People who drive to work must park about a half mile away from the building and then walk or catch a shuttle bus, adding about a half hour to the commute.
    I am thankful to the CTA for a short, convenient commute.

  • I'm thankful the CTA hired Lee Crooks eight or nine years ago to be the voice of CTA trains and buses. He was the perfect choice: clear, just the right combination of straightforward and positive; sounds right for this region; welcoming; dependable (unless the system or an operator messes up). Use transit in another city, and you'll appreciate his work even more. The CTA and whatever company programmed the system did a fine job, too, of making the system work most of the time and usually clearly audible (except on old buses where the speakers were installed in bad spots years ago).

  • In reply to scottknitter:

    Crooks mispronounces Bryn Mawr & Goethe. The reason he mispronounces Goethe is because that creep Kreusi wanted it the German way, not the Chicago way.

  • My pedometer measured it at about 3500 feet from the farthest Southwest gate.
    That way over a half-mile.
    Same settings I use when I walk & it comes out correct every time.
    The station is almost at 59th St., but the terminal is at 57th St. The only reason it's there is to transfer to the buses on Cicero or 55th.
    Just plain stupid.

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