Gov. Quinn promises CTA will get state cash "soon"

 Gov. Pat Quinn on Thursday said that the state of Illinois – which owes the CTA about $94 million – will make good on its debt very “soon,” allowing the the transit agency to avoid raising fares.

The CTA last year promised not to raise fares for two years after the state said it would issue bonds to help balance CTA’s budget. But in this tough time, the state has fallen behind on all its bills including the payment to the CTA.


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  • Reading the Hilkevitch piece, Quinn says "soon" while Rodriguez claims to have dates, both of which seem to be after the election.

    I'm sure that the mental health providers were also told "soon."

    Meantime, Quinn is trying to assure his "supporters" "now" that their fares won't go up.

    Typical for a pandering politician. Apparently Hynes and Giannooulias (the latter who is otherwise occupied) can't cut the check. It sounds like the old Wimpy line "I'll pay you Thursday for a hamburger today." Unfortunately, today is Friday.

  • In reply to jack:

    I agree. Quinn has squandered our former Governor's last 2 years, continuing to turn Illinois into a mid-western version of Greece financially. I am looking forward to the debate on PBS 10/28 (Chicago Tonight). They say that the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know, but I don't buy it. Wimpy should have eaten the spinach.

  • In reply to jack:

    As we all know, Governor Pat Quinn is full of "shit" and cannot be trusted.

  • Good points Jack. But just for the record, Wimpy said: "I would gladly pay you Tuesday...."

    At least Tuesday comes sooner in the week!

  • Something about getting blood from a turnip? I'll believe it when I see it and get ready for a fare increase.

  • As for what I said about Quinn, cf. this Sun-Times article about what he is doing about domestic violence.

    BTW, with regard to the competence of CTA staff, see this article. At least, this time, the Sun-Times reports that the control center manager was fired, instead of "the scapegoat" remark with regard to the track inspectors in 2005, and the fire department at least had enough sense not to listen to him.

    I found various references to Wimpy, including to Thursday, but whatever day, don't expect your money. With his fat gut, though, he must have got hamburgers from someone. Now just substitute votes for hamburgers.

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