CTA distributes new safety flyers, posters

As thefts remain high on the trains, buses and platforms, the CTA has stepped up its efforts to educate passengers to be more alert, and pay closer attention to their surroundings. These safety posted have been hung on rail cars and buses:

CTA safety poster2.jpg

Also, Chicago Police last month were distributing safety flyers at community policing meetings with security tips about keeping your belongings safe and staying “alert and awake.” That part about staying awake is important. See my post about sleeping guys having their wallets cut out of their pants.

The flyer also warns against prohibited activities, such as harassment, loud playing of any type of audio device, gambling, soliciting and selling. I particularly like this part of the flyer.

View the flyer on the CTA site.


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  • Does the CTA have an in-house design/marketing team?

  • It's interesting they say to move to another car on a train if someone is threatening you. I have a co-worker who used the emergency doors between cars to get away from gangbangers and got a ticket for doing so.

  • This pamphlet is so poorly excuted and horrid, just like CTA's service......if one part of the pamphlet says I cannot move from car to car, but another part of the pamphlet says I should move if I feel. Threatened, which rule should I follow?

  • Friday, on the 8:15 Pink Line to the Loop, a well-dressed woman sat in a seat while her 5ish year old daughter STOOD on the seat next to her, licking the window. The little girl STOOD on the seat the entire ride from Polk Street to State and Lake. After the rude mother and child got off the train, a woman in a white coat sat in the seat the child was standing on.

    Tuesday, Pink Line 3:30 toward 54/Cermak, three young men boarded at Ashland. The turned on their handheld music device and proceded to play loud music, no ear phones, the entire ride to Polk Street and after, bothering EVERYONE on board.

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