3 dozen injured in South Lake Shore Drive CTA bus crash

More that 30 people on a packed #6 Jackson Park Express CTA bus were injured Saturday when it ran off the road on South Lake Shore Drive. It’s unclear at this time what caused the accident.


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  • I wonder how much of this has to do with the overloading of the #6 lately. It seems that in the past month, the frequency of the 6 has gone down, and they are often using single length busses during rush hour, which is leading to crazy overcrowding. Lately of the southbound route, all the seats are gone by the Washington stop.

    I have noticed that when the CTA buses break down, it is usually when they are overcrowded. Like they are being loaded past the weight limits that the buses were designed for. I'll also bet that most of those injuries were in the people who had to stand in the aisle.

  • Glad nobody was killed.

    Is the ATU's call for a non-CTA (AKA independent) review of the bus video and black box information just saber-rattling or based on documented evidence that CTA will not be objective enough on its own?

    Hopefully the information about the bus (last maintenance, black box data, video), the driver (job performance record, drug tests), and the amount that CTA will have to shell out for personal injury lawsuits will all come to the light of day under CTA's review.

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