Witnesses dispute details of fatal police shooting on Red Line car

Some witnesses to the fatal shooting of a man on a Red Line train early Saturday morning are now saying the victim did not have a gun, contrary to the official police report.

It seems like we often see these alleged witnesses come forward to contradict the police reports. In this case, I say “alleged” witness because one witness quoted did not see the actual shooting. She was off the train.


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  • I am so disappointed that I decided not to monitor my police radio that night. I would have been able to report exactly what the CTA train conductor told 911 and what the officers were saying on the scene.

    The witness you spoke of in your story, said the teen didn't appear to be armed. She said that when she got off the train, Lash, the suspected gunman, appeared to be subdued/in handcuffs.

    Other witnesses on the train also said Lash was handcuffed when he was shot.

  • Actually, I haven't seen any reports where witnesses say he was handcuffed.
    The Trib report quoted the witness as saying: "The officers put his hands behind his back. They seemed like they were patting him down, and they tussled a little bit, but they had him pinned against the wall."

  • In reply to KevinO’Neil:

    You are right. That is what the Tribune said. But I wasn't quoting the Tribune, nor was my response based on what you read. My comments should have been more precise.

    My statement was based on the emails I have received from purported witnesses; 30% of those emails say Lash was in handcuffs when he was shot. However, the majority of those emails indicate the teen was handcuffed after he was shot and killed.

    I believe the latter to be true.

    The latest story is that Lash didn't have a weapon in his hand when he was shot. A witness said when Lash spotted the cops, he hide the gun.

    Now I am going to quote the Tribune. Their article states that police recovered a weapon at the scene. Okay. Where was the weapon? In Lash

  • "That is especially true in the inner-city where many residents, even ones that are not normally law-breaking, feel they are fighting a war against the police and will use every opportunity to claim police misconduct."

    How do you know what "many residents" in the inner-city feel? What is your source? And define the word many, as used in the context of your statement.

  • MK makes an excellent point:

    "It is well within the range of possibility that the witnesses claiming the guy didn't have a gun are not lying but are incorrect. The news reports said it was a crowded train. The gun could have been there but they didn't see it. Perhaps they didn't think at the time to look carefully for it and they remembered incorrectly how much of the person's body they saw. So they may think they have enough information to make a judgment but don't. And if they have a distrust or otherwise negative attitude towards the police then that may have played a part in incorrectly convincing them they saw enough of the situation to determine that the individual didn't have a gun."

  • In reply to JoetheCop:

    Joe the Cop, we shall see. The boy's mother filed a lawsuit today. And from what I have been told, CTA security cameras picked up the incident. Security cameras don't lie and they don't take sides, based on biases.


  • In reply to ChicagoNewsReport:

    Here's why I don't believe the "eyewitnesses." One witness said she saw the cop had the offender pinned down with his hands behind his back, maybe even with the handcuffs on. Then the other cop fired.

    Now, I seriously doubt a cop's partner would shoot a guy if his partner was right on top of him. Maybe Joe the Cop can confirm this.

  • In reply to ChicagoNewsReport:

    I have a strong feeling that you:

    A) are a Michigan or Ohio transplant (insert any other generic Midwestern rust belt state) living in Wicker Park
    B) ride a rusty ten speed,
    C) have either journalism or philosphy degree

    I'll take a bagel with my large coffee, one Sweet n Low...

  • Crickets chirping... You silenced the liberal views of ChicagoNow.

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