Transitions: Back to school and new bus schedules

As we turn the calendar to the unofficial start of fall, we note some CTA changes.

First, well over 100 Chicago Transit Authority bus routes have new schedules effective this past Sunday. The CTA says:

We routinely adjust schedules several times each year to help make
service operate more efficiently and to account for seasonal ridership
These . . . schedules are provided as a courtesy, particularly
for our customers who travel during off-peak hours. No changes to ‘L’
train schedules are being implemented at this time.

Also, hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren in Chicago Public Schools return to class today. That means more crowded conditions in the morning rush. With classes ending from 2:30 to 3:30, the evening rush is not as adversely affected.

But allow extra time,nonetheless.

CTA-NewFlyerHybrid 2.jpg



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  • I am so glad I no longer "have" to use CTA. I remember the not-so good old days, when I was regularly trapped on a crowded bus with loud, obnoxious school children. There's nothing like starting your day with a migraine.

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