Shocker! Family sues over "unjustified" shooting on CTA Red line train

In case you missed it, the family of the 19-year-old guy
who police shot and killed on the Red Line last weekend is suing the
city and police

Yes, I know, it’s a shocking development.

Police had been called to the Garfield/55th Street station after reports
from Red Line riders that George Lash was seen brandishing a gun on the
train. Police say that he pulled a gun while two officers tried to
arrest the man. Feeling threatened for their lives, the police shot him.
He died a little later.

Of course, his family and a couple other “eyewitnesses” dispute the
police account of what happened. My friend and fellow ChicagoNow blogger
Joe the Cop has a nice piece about this behavior over at his blog.

I know the police aren’t perfect. And I wasn’t there. But as Joe the Cop
, this twist on the tale is all too familiar and frankly rather


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  • ... because now that Jon Burge has been slapped lightly on the wrist, it's all good.

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