Poll results: Free rides for seniors, CTA quiet car

Here are the results of recent quick poll questions that CTA Tattler readers weighed in on.

Free rides for seniors?
This poll drew well over 1,000 participants, and by a slim margin, Tattler readers think we should bring back the old days and let all seniors ride for half-price at all times. About 31% agree with that statement, while 29% feel there should be free rides for senior citizens below a certain income; all other seniors should pay half fare. Read the full polling results.

Quiet car on CTA trains?
There was a very close vote on whether the CTA should feature a “quiet car” — no phones, and whispered conversations. I gave limited options on this vote. And about 48% voted no, “that’s just silly,” while a surprising (to me) slim majority said: “Sure, but just on the first car of an eight-car train.”

Car usage among Tattler readers
I suppose it’s not too surprising that a plurality of CTA Tattler readers (39%) reports that they “take public transit daily; use car on weekends.” Another 30% say the “don’t own a car; use public transit; occasional rental car.” (The latter is me). I was a little surprised to see that almost 20% “don’t own a car; use public transit; never drive.”
It’s all interesting stuff.


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  • I wonder what percentage of the 'never drive' people don't get behind the wheel, but are driven occasionally.

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