CTA is testing LED lighting - one rail car at a time

CTA Tattler correspondent Dan noted last week that car 3295 on the Orange Line seemed brighter:

“It appears that either there are whiter bulbs in the lighting fixtures or the light covers have been replaced. Nice change. Know anything about that?”

I asked a CTA spokesperson about that, and she confirmed that the rail maintenance staff is indeed testing new LED lighting on that particular rail car. Such lighting is brighter than the fluorescent lights currently used on rail cars.

And she helpfully reminded me: “The CTA continually evaluates new products for possible use in operations.” Excellent. More and better lighting has proven to increase safety.

Has anyone else noticed the CTA testing other new products?


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  • Yes. Better lighting so the criminals can see their victims' faces, clearly. CTA needs to install brighter security and save the brighter bulbs for a Christmas tree.

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