APB issued for CTA bus driver impersonator

The CTA on Thursday issued a press release alerting riders that a person who impersonated a bus driver was being sought by police for trespassing.

On Thursday, September 9, an individual wearing what appeared to be
a CTA uniform drove a bus out of the 103rd street garage. When the bus
was returned later on Thursday night an employee observed the bus come
in contact with another bus.  When the employee went to alert the
supervisor, the suspect fled the garage.

Video from the bus’ security cameras shows that the person
operating the bus, while not an expert, was familiar enough with CTA
procedures to be able to log in and start the bus. Video also showed the
person driving though a door not visible from the street and leaving on
foot through the same area.
He is believed to be an acquaintance of a CTA bus operator and
suspected of a theft last month of a uniform shirt from that employee.

Wow. At least the CTA “is evaluating long term solutions, including how the perimeters
around the garages can be better secured.”

I guess the guy was pretty good driver too! My first thought was that he is a laid-off driver, but the CTA would be able to ID the guy if he was.


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  • Maybe the C.T.A. could operate some sort of bus driver fantasy camp to make extra money?

  • In reply to JamesReyes:

    James, thank you for my first LOL of the day!

  • In reply to JamesReyes:

    The larger questions: If he hadn't hit the other bus at the garage, would anyone have noticed? If nobody noticed it then, would anyone have reported it at the garage?

    I don't know the check in/out procedure but is returning a bus like returning a rental car at the airport (absent the return agent asking you how was the rental and whether you bought gas)?

  • In reply to JamesReyes:

    A few months ago I met a friend for brunch at Tre Kroner. As I passed North Park Garage, I thought to myself, "Hmmm, there's no security around outside the garage. The gates are open. Someone could steal a bus." Not that I'd ever do that. My tastes run more toward impersonating a Santa Train Elf.

  • In reply to JamesReyes:

    Actually, that might be kind of fun. I would prefer to operate a CTA train, though. After all, they shut down the Yellow Line a while back for a "rodeo". Why not just let everyone who wants to pay for it in on the fun?

  • In reply to eBob:

    eBob, you need this:


    It works on PS3 in the US also.

  • In reply to eBob:

    I drove a train once. This was a long time ago, back when I was young and cute and the driver wanted my phone number. I only got to take it from Armitage to Fullerton though.

    Also, I heard this morning on the news he may actually be a former employee.

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