Ward voters pick murals to grace CTA underpasses in Rogers Park

Earlier this year we told you about how 49th Ward residents had voted to spend part of its $1.3 million “menu money” on both CTA L station amenities and murals for underpasses. It was part of what 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore called “participatory budgeting.”

On Aug. 21 and 22, ward residents voted to select 12 of 24 proposals for murals. The murals will be painted on CTA underpasses at Chase, Columbia, Fargo, Pratt, and Touhy. Murals also will brighten Metra underpasses at Estes, Farwell, Greenleaf, Morse, Pratt, Rogers, and Touhy.

Each artist will get a stipend of $5,500 to complete the mural. All 24 mural proposals can be viewed here.


Mural proposal “Let’s Bring the Birch Trees Back to Rogers Park” by Joanna White won the most votes.


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  • Some of these are really beautiful or interesting.

  • They're not kidding about the birch trees of Rogers Park. I looked it up online. There's also some cool info about the railroad that ran where the Red Line does now. One station was called the Birchwood Depot. The book is "Rogers Park" in the Images of America series. Search "birches of Rogers Park Archer" on Google and it should be the first result. It will let you read but not copy.

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