The "energized" rehab of Grand-State CTA Red Line station

Be careful of getting too energized on the platform level at Grand and State on the Red Line, which is undergoing a two-year-plus renovation of the mezzanine and platform. Here’s the close-up view of the door sign I found there:

room energized zoom.jpg

And the full view of the door:

room energized 2.jpg

OK, who can tell us what this sign means?


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  • Presumably that there is dangerous electrical equipment inside.

  • In reply to maxtm:

    And the power to it turned on.

  • In reply to maxtm:

    Well, obviously Scotty beamed the whole room - including the original door - to the Enterprise.
    "Kirk to Scotty, one room to beam up. Energize"

  • In reply to maxtm:

    More evidence that the Red is the Groove Line.

  • In reply to maxtm:

    You all have it wrong... That is the location of the Bluesmobile!! It's charging. :-D

  • In reply to maxtm:

    That is the portal that Neo used in one of The Matrix sequels.

  • In reply to maxtm:

    And what is that little drawing with a 23 next to it? Can't quite make it out...looks like a USB thumb drive. Doesn't seem like graffiti.

  • I'm sure Kevin was being facetious Max T-M, maybe you should remove that stick..

  • In reply to sophie:


  • *Could* be their stash of Red Bull.

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