Special CTA service for tall ships, Bears game, triathlon and - American Idols Live?

As summer winds down, the CTA’s weekend service alert helpfully tells us about extra service for various fun events. Even bus runs for the American Idols Live tour. Who knew that would be so popular as to merit its own #19 United Center Express buses?

Tall ships: CTA will provide more frequent service to and from Navy Pier along the #29 State, #65 Grand, #66 Chicago and #124 Navy Pier bus routes during the event hours only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In addition, longer trains will operate on the Blue, Pink, Red, Green, Brown, Orange and Red lines.

Bears preseason game: Fans heading to Soldier Field for the final 2010 preseason home game this Saturday can use CTA’s #128 Soldier Field Express and #146 Inner Drive Michigan Express routes.

Chicago Triathlon: “Beginning at 1 p.m. Saturday until 7 p.m. Sunday, Columbus Drive between Roosevelt and Balbo will be closed for the Chicago Triathlon. The event steps off at 6 a.m. on Sunday. During this time, #6 Jackson Park Express, #10 Museum of Science & Industry and #14 Jeffery Express buses will be rerouted to adjacent streets to maintain service. Northbound #6, #10 and #14 buses will travel over their regular routes along Columbus to Roosevelt then will operate via Roosevelt to Michigan and resume their regular routes. Southbound #6, #10 and #14 buses will operate via Michigan, Roosevelt to Columbus and then will resume their regular routes.”

Good luck to my work colleague Kathlene in her triathlon run. And best wishes to you all for the last August weekend.

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