Red Line's North/Clybourn rehab looking good with Apple funding

Progress on the rehab of the CTA’s North/Clybourn Red Line station is proceeding nicely, a year after the CTA inked an agreement for Apple to fund the $4 million project. It is building a store just to the east of the station on North Avenue. As explains, “in exchange for the improvements the CTA leased the [adjacent] bus turnaround that formerly wrapped around the station’s east side to Apple at no cost for 10 years, with options on four, five-year extensions.

Here’s a look at the exterior from a June photo.

North-Clybourn after.jpg

Photo Copyright Katherine of Chicago

Improvements to the platform are yet to come. They include:

1. Install six (6) new graphic light boxes at inbound and outbound tube walls. Light boxes to be sourced through a vendor designated by Apple.
2. Install new benches at both platforms.
3. Apply sealer at tube walls and ceiling as well as platform ceiling as needed.
4. Power wash and paint tube and platform walls and ceiling.
5. Remove lead paint, prime and repaint columns
6. Remove and reinstall signage at platform..
7. Provide electric power for graphic light boxes
8. Clean light fixtures and replace fixture lamps.  

Work is expected to be complete by the end of the year.

Here’s the “before” photo of the station exterior:


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  • So, can the electric power for the graphic light boxes go to fans in the tunnel instead? Once I'm down in a tunnel the sign telling me how long I have to wait is a little extraneous. Fans, on the other hand, could not be more necessary. The air is stagnant and sweltering down at North & Clybourn, which is unfortunate, because that's our home stop.

  • There are enough delays on the Red Line, and the PAs inarticulate enough, that signs are a good thing.

    I noticed a mention of lead paint in the linked page. How much lead paint is present on the CTA? That seems like a pretty good story.

  • The old station front at least had some art deco style to it. One hopes that the finished result is not a bland as Katherine's photo indicates.

  • In reply to jack:

    It's not gonna get the patina that the old station had - or, at least, not for another 60 years. There is now some pretty cool signage on the canopy on the rounded side, though.

    The "graphic light boxes", I believe, are not LED signs, but just lit boxes for advertisements - like the ones on the side of bus stops.

  • The put the signs at the Chicago/Franklin stop both in front of the turnstiles and on the platform. I was about to say I would assume they'd do that everywhere, but thinking about it, I don't know why I would assume that. It does make sense to do it that way.

  • Remember folks, this is a $4 million cosmetic rehab not a (SWAG) $50 million rebuild of the station to make it ADA compliant.

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