MTA allows 'Ground Zero Mosque' ads; reminiscent of CTA game ad ban

New York City’s transit system earlier this month bowed to pressure — and a lawsuit — to allow controversial advertising on sides of buses opposing the proposed construction of a mosque near Ground Zero.

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Ars Technica photo

The Metropolitan Tranist Authority had a change of heart and declared that while is “does not endorse the views expressed in this or other ads that appear on the transit system, the advertisement purchased by a group opposing a planned mosque near the World Trade Center was accepted today after its review under MTA’s advertising guidelines and governing legal standards.”

This case brings to mind the CTA’s refusal earlier this year to ban ads of adults-only rated video games. A judge ruled against the CTA in that case.


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  • Unlike the defacers of a new L station, lauded yesterday, the First Amendment is impacted when a state agency tries to censor the message because of its content without standards. As you noted, the CTA was taught that in court.

  • It's not a mosque.

  • From what I've read Cheryl, it is a Mosque, but its also much more than that. I could care less about where they want to put it and wish it would drop.

  • In reply to DavidJ:

    It's not a mosque.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    Islamic center AND Mosque. No, its not your typical big golden dome building, but it is still going to house a Mosque. When you have a family full of fundies, you learn the details.

  • With the way CTA mismanages its budget, you'd think they'd be happy to get money from anyone, regardless of their message.

    As far as the Mosque goes -- who cares?!!! Some people will fight over used bubble gum.

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