Get your Art on Track by circling the Loop this weekend

Here’s a reminder about how to have fun on Saturday while going in circles around the Loop on the L:

Enjoy Art on Track.

It’s a moving art gallery on an eight-car train, each car filled with the works of a different group of artists. Tickets are only $10 for the event, which runs from 5 till 10 pm. Enter at Adams/Wabash and Washington/Wells CTA platforms.

art on track 1.jpg

The Sun-Times reports that the artists have been sizing up the train cars, figuring out how to fit their art in the limited space. One group of artists is featuring the CTA as a art topic with their piece called “Encroachment”:

“As artists, we were all fascinated by this notion that public
transit is one area where everyone inserts themselves into the public
environment and yet still carries with them aspects of the private life
and where they are coming from,” [Stephen DeSantis] explains.

The group plans to explore this notion through photography, installations and performance art pieces.

“People are always eating on the train, so we’ll have a kitchen area
where we’ll be giving out [printed] ‘cookies.’ There’s a home office
area, and we plan to cover the windows with silk embedded with melted
beeswax and pigments that should have a stained-glass effect on the
light coming into our car.”

But try to avoid the chicken bones and sunflower seeds in that kitchen area.


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  • I bought my tickets for this a while ago - totally looking forward to it!!!

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