Don't give up on lost wallets, and always wear shoes on CTA

I had two unrelated “safety-related” experiences on my Red Line commute the other day. Both hold lessons to be learned.

Report lost wallets

First, when I reached the platform to await my 6:30 am train, I noticed a black wallet sitting conspicuously on a bench. I picked it up, and noticed that it had apparently been picked over and left there. Still, I asked a guy standing nearby if he had lost his. “Nope.”

So I went back to the station house to give it the customer service assistant.

The lesson here is always report to the CTA your wallet or other goods are missing. You never know when someone might actually return it.

Shoes are (probably) mandatory

I did board the next train after the wallet handoff, All was quiet until Fullerton, when I spied a bare foot out of my peripheral vision. I looked across the aisle and saw a disheveled man in dirty clothes holding one shoe and wearing another. A security agent was in the doorway ordering him off the train.


Flickr photo by Heroturtle

The man refused. And pierced me with a deadly stare. The security guy
called for Chicago cops. The train waited in the station. Finally, the
standoff ended when the guy got up and left the train.

I’m not exactly sure why the security guy wanted him off the train; it might have been his bare foot.

So be sure to wear shoes on the CTA.


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  • I'm not sure why bare feet would be a problem. I've seen people barefoot on the train before, though it has been an exceedingly rare sight. I did see a young woman wearing socks with no shoes yesterday.

  • I wouldn't want to go shoeless on a CTA vehicle regardless of rules. I didn't pay as much attention as I usually do when I boarded the Brown yesterday and to my dismay realized that there was a vomit-like substance on the floor underneath my seat. Luckily I hadn't made contact with it and there were other seats available. Ick.

  • Where are the illegal sock vendors when you need them ?

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