Two former CTA presidents make news on same day

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Mosena (sciencechicago photo)

Wednesday was the Daily Double for former CTA presidents
making headlines. Comings and goings. One found a new gig while the other left his job.

David Mosena, CTA chief for less than two years in the mid-90s, was named chairman of the new Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority by Gov. Quinn..

Frank Kruesi, president of the Chicago Transit Authority from 1997 till 2007,
from his job as Chicago’s top lobbyist in Washington, D.C.



Mosena in 1996 pushed for controversial service cuts,including cuts in overnight service on the Purple, Green and Blue (Douglas) lines. Fifteen bus routes were cut, and night or weekend service was reduced on some key bus lines.

Mosena quit just after the CTA board approved the cuts. And Kruesi took over.

As Daley’s favored son, he enjoyed power to make changes at the CTA. There are plenty of reasons to criticize Kruesi. But he is credited with making the CTA focus more keenly on customer service. He introduced the CTA’s key missions: “on time, clean, safe and friendly service.”


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  • "He [the assumed antecedent being Kruesi] introduced the CTA's key missions: 'on time, clean, safe and friendly service.' "

    Proving, as I have said in the "corporate team" setting, that mission statements are worthless.

    To put it simply, if any of these goals had been implemented by Kruesi's staff, there would be no CTA Tattler, except, maybe, the post about the woman whose cat was hiding among her packages. The word in the press was that he became a lobbyist because Madigan told Daley that unless Kruesi was gone, no 2008 RTA bill. So, in effect he was already retired. Nobody ever published what his lobbying got for the CTA. Was he responsible for the Livability grant?

    So, I guess all the Huberman stuff about "deep clean" wasn't necessary, in that Kruesi was providing "clean service" (sure) and the decline in standards, such as safety (other than in frequency) is all attributable to Rodriguez.

    As for safe, I still remember the two Blue Line subway derailments, and how "scapegoats" were debated on the Tattler.

    I also wonder if he is really "retired." I posted elsewhere that he might turn up somewhere else, such as Mayor Emanuel's Chief of Staff. Political hacks never go away. Especially, one, like Kruesi, who tried to pad his pension a decade ago, but that was shot down.

    I suppose that when Carole Brown steps down from whatever is her real job in the investment banking community, she will be lauded for her "Ask Carole" blog resulting in sufficient "funding."

    CTA has had and will continue to have deep problems so long as it is managed as a political organization.

  • I remember Kruesi's campaigns to make the riding experience more pleasant by going after vendors on trains and musicians without permits. But I certainly agree that Huberman took the campaigns to the next level.

    I'm not sure what role Kruesi played in keeping the Brown Line funds flowing. Presumably he was pushing for the $300 million or so the CTA got in stimulus funding to fix the Blur Line slow zones and buy buses.

  • In reply to KevinO’Neil:

    There is sure no evidence of him having any role in those stimulus grants. The only criteria were that they meet 49 USC secs. 5300 et seq. formulas, and the projects were "shovel ready." There wasn't any discretion.* I suppose that he takes credit for the stimulus grant to IDOT to buy buses for Pace, Peoria, etc., too?

    The discretionary ARRA grants (TIGGER for 80 outlets at North Park is the only one CTA got) might be a different story, but it was reported that 10 Congressmen pushed for the TIGER discretionary grant for CREATE. No mention of Kruesi.

    In any event, he should document his accomplishments, instead of letting us guess about them.

    *In that there was no discretion was indicated by Kirk complaining that Pace was not using its part of the grant through IDOT for hybrid buses. Kirk, in a position to exercise influence, still couldn't hold up that grant, and didn't counter Pace's argument that a good chunk of it had to be spent in 180 days, and, hey, it had the options for the buses it ordered.

  • In reply to KevinO’Neil:

    Just ride the Green Line south of Roosevelt & almost every train has some jerk either selling something or some religious nut asking for money while he attempts to sing & dance.
    Attempt is the important term there as they are all talentless!

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    I think that the deaf vendors of pens operation was forced off CTA property.

    However, Scooter's comment reminds me of the laugh I get from the Mr. CTA announcement that "violators WILL be arrested." Probably about as likely as the winner of the Sixth Inning contest to get 100 chances at the PowerBall Jackpot of $79 million actually getting $79 million.

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