Thefts on CTA continue big jump over last year

Just halfway through 2010, thefts on the CTA in Chicago have jumped 33%, compared to the first six months of last year.

And thefts on CTA trains and buses soared by almost 41% in that same period — with 439 thefts last year compared to 617 this year, according to Chicago Police Dept. stats compiled by EveryBlock.

CTA thefts comparison Q2.JPG

So the troubling trend I first reported in May continues.

But this isn’t just a CTA problem. It’s our problem. As I report today, there sometimes are signs of a theft in the making. And there’s more we can do to avoid thefts. So read today’s post for tips on both.


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  • It sounds like those 3,000 surveillance cameras you love and I hate are doing absolutely no good at all, Kevin.

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