CTA's efforts at promoting customer courtesy

Following up on our favorite topic of late — CTA etiquette — here are some notes from readers on the subject.

Stephen noted in a comment that crowding around the doors is not a big problem in New York City because:

1) All the seating is bench seating which encourages people to stand in
the middle.

2) There is much more traffic on NYC trains… and people quickly
realize that standing by the door means being squished in at every
station as more people board the train.

3) The doors are slightly wider (I think) and there is no plexi glass
to lean against.

Let me note that on the new Series 5000 cars, there’s more room near at least one set of doors without the plexiglass to lean on. There’s a space for the wheelchairs instead.

Check out the CTA’s video on the new cars. For some reason, the CTA doesn’t allow video embedding. Update: I was wrong about embedding. You can embed videos from the “regular” YouTube site, but not from the CTA Connections YouTube page. Below is a CTA video on common courtesy.

In the same thread, District299Reader reminds us that the CTA also has a Common Courtesy video on YouTube. It focuses on texting instead of yakking on the phone, keeping bags off the seat, moving to the back of the bus, stepping off the train to let other alight, and minding your backpack.

The video also suggests that the CTA is “doing everything possible to remind customers to use courtesy on their rides.” I beg to differ. I suggest putting snips of this video on the video ad screens. And put up more bus and L ad cards.


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  • I suppose that people like the ones mentioned in this post have iPhones or Adroids with data plans, or similar means of viewing the courtesy videos. Or, maybe they stop at their public library to do so on a public internet terminal.

    Hence, your video ad screen suggestion may be necessary, although I am sure that they care less about the message.

    As far as L ad cars, there was "don't be Jack," but I wonder if it had any effect, other than slightly offending me.

  • I don't think signage will help at all - people won't read it, and if they do, they'll ignore it. People usually listen to bus drivers who yell "MOVE BACK", so we should just have station attendants doing the same thing during rush hours/Cubs games. Or just get these guys: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlNyCHlLt1Y&feature=related

  • In reply to mickcube:

    Well, Japan has always been like that.

    I suppose that ATU Local 308 would be happy at the prospect of hiring 8 pushers at each of the 144 CTA stations (double at double platform ones?). However, considering the current deficit, I don't think we are at that point of a positive return on that sort of job stimulus plan.

    Also, just think how it must be at the next station.

  • In reply to mickcube:

    Such a delightful scene when the train collides with a gasoline tanker truck.

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