CTA closes Polk Street entrance gap - and small revenue gap

The CTA continues to respond to customer/CTA Tattler complaints.

On Tuesday we wrote about how Marylou discovered the power of complaining to the CTA about erratic bus service. Today we can report the CTA has reacted to Robert’s and Tattler’s warning that people were squeezing through a gap between the wall and turnstile at the unmanned Polk Street Red Line entrance.

The CTA thanked Robert and me for letting them know, and provided these photos as evidence that they had blocked the gap. Of course, this “complaint” helped CTA stop losing revenue. But that helps us too.

Here’s the entrance gap before photo:

Polk entrance before.jpg.JPG

And here’s the entrance after the CTA fix:

Pol entrance after.jpg.JPG


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  • Great job guys! I'm glad the CTA took quick action. It never should have been like that in the first place, but at least they got it fixed quickly.

  • Now, if the squeezers are twice as thin as before....

  • I like their solution--simple and cheap.

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