With no way out, CTA passenger goes off

“Out please! Out! Like, move your asses and step off the train!”

That was the agitated plea from a 40-ish woman on a Red Line train jam-packed at rush hour last night with tired commuters and lost/dazed Cubs fans.

But that rant wasn’t aimed at them. It was directed squarely at the five clueless teenage boys blocking the exit.

People, really — the train won’t leave without you. If you’re blocking the exit, then step off the train.

The same holds true for buses — don’t stand in the doorway of the rear exit.

Show some courtesy. And some common sense.

Otherwise, you might just get my footprint on your metatarsus.


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  • Again, this used to be a bit of courtesy.

    You do mention that this train was jam packed, but I never could figure out why people would block the doors and not move to the middle, even if that wasn't the case. They probably will have less excuse with the new (lack of) seat configuration.

  • Let the passengers off. Amen.

  • Perhaps CTA could, with a minimal amount of money, refit cars as they come in for an overhaul and add to the new cars coming online, a black/white zebra pattern to the flooring of the areas that shouldn't be blocked so that it looks different and like a place you shouldn't be hanging out in. Kind of like what CDOT has done in the Loop for 'bus only' lanes. If the area looks different, maybe (!) people's behavior will change and only those intelligent enough to know that it's okay to leave the train car to let people out and then quickly hop back in will continue to stand in the hot zone. People on their phones and ipods are already attention challenged and can not be expected to give way to other riders coming in or out of a train car, if they are looking down or the pattern on the floor is annoying enough to their peripheral vision, maybe it might help.

    How much could something like that cost? Maybe zebra isn't good - but the good old black and white checker board?

  • In reply to 20fie18:

    DC Metro has had the door zones marked out on the floor for decades. It really doesn't make a difference, unfortunately, as people will crowd the doors nonetheless. I think the thing is that with road markings, people will be held accountable (i.e. traffic citations) if they disobey the markings. But on a subway train, no one will ever cite them for standing in the door zone, thus it's up to them to do the right thing just because it's the right thing to do.

  • In reply to 20fie18:

    I am consistently baffled when passengers board a train and just stand by the door. Perfect example was last Saturday. I boarded a northbound Brown at Armitage. The car was crowded and I thought about waiting for the next train but I figured the next one would be equally crowded. Several other riders board before me and stood right by the door. With a few "excuse me's" I'm enjoying the privacy of the hobo corner. C'mon, people. Think different, as the old ingrammatical Apple ads said.

  • I give one 'excuse me' and if they don't move I barrel ahead (and curse under my breath.)

  • I give one "excuse me" and then barrel through if no one moves - cursing under my breath as I exit - just loud enough for the culprits to hear.

  • "I give one "excuse me" and then barrel through if no one moves "

    Me too. Same thing for those on the platform hovering around the door. Let the damn people off FIRST! I just widen my elbows and push through

  • You're speaking of an agency that just started taking credit cards for payments & then, only after the state legislators threatened them over that!
    An agency that let its executive director run amuck with his pay & vacation time.
    An agency that's going to cause massive delays along the North Line to Waukegan due to bridge replacement in Chicago & Evanston for Eight Years [according to a conductor I talked to] & won't rebuild Track 3 as a shoefly for that duration to mitigate delays.
    An agency that sends out meaningless emails about delays. Those emails tell us that the train will arrive late at either Waukegan or Madison St. so many minutes late, but rarely tell us where the train is at the time of the email. The sole exception is when the tracks are blocked in Wilmette at Linden St. by a semi that has ignored the signs that say "No Low Slung Trucks" & get stuck on the tracks!
    Does Metra sue the truckers for the delays?
    Of course not!
    You would also think that they would get together with the Union Pacific to change the Northwestern operations to right handed running like the rest of the Metra & UP systems & the country for that matter! The British don't own it anymore!

  • South sides don't say "excuse me " they say " comin out" or " goin out" its more direct and people tend to move. "Excuse me" is used to say I am sorry for something like stepping on a toe.

  • You know who else drives me crazy on the bus?
    The idiots that get up out of their seat before the people boarding the block before them & manage to block the person just getting on going to a seat!

  • I guess I am slowly morphing into a Northsider. I say "coming out, please."

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