No! Do not eat chicken on the L or bus, despite TV ads

Recent ads for KFC crispy chicken suggest that public transit passengers can silence the loud, obnoxious celler by biting loudly into a chicken finger.

The TV commercial even shows a hip young couple passing a box of chicken back and forth across the aisle of a rail car.

No! Please, don’t do it! Don’t even suggest that people eat anything on the train or bus, let alone a chicken dinner. Who among us hasn’t seen (and smelled) that greasy box with bony wings and drumsticks scattered underfoot.

Yes, I have railed against loud cellers. But I’d rather hear someone boast about their investments than see and smell some awful chicken bones.

So KFC, stop it. Besides, it’s illegal. (I won’t embed the video of the commercial, but here’s a still from it.)

KFC commercial.JPG


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  • I had a triple this morning on the purple line headed north: the guy across from me was eating a polish and fries (stomach turning),a girl in front of him putting on full makeup, not just some lipstick mind you, but the whole regimen,even starting with pimple concealer, and finally the Trixie behind my starts yammering into her cell. All before 7:30 ! I was offering up my first born to get to Davis quickly !

  • It wasn't clear on TV whether the car is a CTA one. It sure looks like one in the picture in this post. Anyone know?

    If it was, the CTA Filming Guidelines indicate that they certainly had CTA's consent.

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack, from what I can tell, it was NOT filmed on a CTA car.

  • In reply to jack:

    I always enjoy encountering the hobo corner banquet.

  • In reply to jack:

    Apparently it was Behave Badly on the L Day this morning. I got the guy taking up four seats--himself in a window seat, his feet on the aisle-facing seat in front of him, his backpack in the seat next to him and another bag on the aisle-facing seat. Oh, and a screaming toddler.

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