Maybe CTA turnstile-jumpers can emulate Paris comrades with insurance for fines

In the first six months of 2010, there were more than 400 arrests of CTA platforms for theft of service — turnstile jumping. Now, if those offenders were in Paris, they could have their fines covered by paying into an insurance fund.

Oh, those creative Parisians!


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  • It appears that the linked Tribune Co. website froze my browser.

    From what I did see, this is supposedly a strike against the capitalist state. However, there is nothing more socialist than transit, both in Paris and here.

    However, they seem to be a bit more radical than the criers for "funding" here.

    Finally, it is not real insurance, since intentional or criminal acts are not insurable. It looks like they are just prepaying their fines. The only answer is to arrest them enough that the fund goes belly up.

  • Transit should be free.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    It is for those over 65. At least the Parisian hotheads said who they wanted to pay for it. However, unless the ATU decides that its members are willing to work for free, I suggest that Cheryl describe how to pay for it, especially since Terry Savage said in today's Sun-Times that Illinois is already $120 billion in the hole.,terry-savage-illinois-budget-shortfall-082310.article As Milton Friedman once said, there is no free lunch, although I did see him eat free dinners.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    Jack is right. Criminal acts are not insurable. And I suspect that if the bums who are jumping the turnstiles had money for insurance, they'd also have money to pay their fare. Don't get me wrong, poverty is no excuse for theft; I am simply trying to apply logic.

    When I didn't have money for the bus, guess what I did? I walked!!!!!

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