Marketers think CTA riders want to get away

Marketing pros think they know CTA riders well — they would rather be anywhere else than that bus or train, especially if it’s out of town.

Or so it seems with the spate of ad campaigns for out-or-town venues recently aimed at CTA customers.

Earlier this year, it was Montana, beckoning us with “Miles magnificent” and “Bears vs. Ran all summer long.”

Most recently it’s Milwaukee and St.Louis.

The Milwaukee tourism bureau early in June launched a $60,000 campaign to lure us north, where there are “more festivals than you have El lines.” It also teases us with: “Why settle
for just a ‘taste’ when you can indulge all summer?”

milwaukee bus ad.jpg

The folks in St. Louis have started an inventive “Kidnapped Chicagoan” campaign, luring us to the Web site with clues cut out of newspaper headlines about the alleged kidnap victim. “He was last seen reading ads on the train;” “One day he’s on this train. The next day, POOF.”

St. Louis CVC “Kidnapped Chicagoan” from Hoffman Lewis on Vimeo.

I’ve got nothing against St. Louis,but do you want to be known as the destination for kidnappers?


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  • Look at it this way, the other places think that CTA riders actually have the money to go there. So they're an improvement over all the other ads telling us about debt relief, HIV testing & crap like that.

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